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How to Make Native Advertising Your Marketing Superpower!

There’s few things people dislike more than irrelevant advertising. In our increasingly digitally connected world of advanced metrics and demographics, consumers have come to expect a certain level of quality from the advertising they encounter. That’s why, in the last few years, many advertisers have been turning to native advertising as a way to please consumers, and boost their ROI.

You may have even enjoyed a piece of native content before. Native advertising is sponsored content made specifically for that website or other medium. It is crafted in a way that fits the overall function and style of the of the page it appears on, but has the added benefit of showcasing the sponsor’s message.

Looking to make native advertising your marketing superpower? Here are some tips:

Use Subtlety to Your Advantage

Native ads perform better when they are cohesive with the site page they appear on. Not just in formatting and position, but in style as well. If you were to place native ads on a comedy website, for instance, you’d want to make sure your copy is humorous and matches the tone of the site. Native advertising shouldn’t read like a puff piece. People appreciate honesty and specific instructions or details.

Use Engaging Headlines

Everyone loves a catchy headline. This is a best practice for any kind of writing, but it’s especially relevant when it comes to native ads. Let’s face it: some ads can get a bad rap. Your audience doesn’t want to feel like they are being sold to unscrupulously. Reassure them and use engaging content that the reader will identify with.

Don’t Mislead Your Audience

This is supremely important when it comes to native ads. Never try to pass off native advertising as regular content, and be clear from the get go that it is a paid ad. People can tell the difference, and if they feel as if they’ve been tricked, both you and your advertising partner will lose trust and credibility.

Even if you think you can deceive your audience it’s not worth it. Native ads with a sponsored logo, clearly visible, perform 12% better than ads without logos. So why risk it?

Think Mobile First

Native ads perform better on mobile devices than on traditional screens, so focus your energy on targeting this segment. Think about how your audience accesses social media and other platforms through their smartphones and tablets, and where native ads appear. Instagram is a great example of how advertisers are doing this. What other places might you reach your customer base?

Advertisers need to adapt new strategies to get their message across. It’s not that people never want to see an ad, but rather, they’ve come to expect that the marketing they encounter will feel relevant to them. Native advertising accomplishes this by taking on the style and tone of content the reader enjoys, making for a more pleasurable and memorable advertising experience.

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